Tehran (ISNA) – Within the Iranian year 1399, ending on March 20th, 2021, the Iran Mercantile Exchange posted its biggest yearly gain, with a total trading value of 17.5 billion USD, more than doubling up the figure as compared to the previous year.

According to a report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, both value and volume of trades for IME’s physical market, for its industrial products, its petrochemical products and for its oil products registered new records.

The exchange witnessed trade of more than 33 million tonnes of commodities, valued at more than 15.5 billion USD on its physical market over the year, showing 27 and 127 percent of growth in volume and value of trades respectively.

It’s is worth noting that the IME traded 13 million derivatives contracts with a total trading value of more than 975 million USD.

Moreover, the IME’s financial market value surpassed 935 million USD, with unprecedented rises of 90 and 187 percent in volume and value respectively.

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