TEHRAN (ISNA)- President of the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) Mohammad Fetanat called Iran a country with Islamic financial market, adding that Islamic financial markets are working with more stability and transparency.

He also unveiled the latest achievements of Iranian capital markets in the 8th international course on Islamic Capital Market here in Tehran on Tuesday.

Iranian Minister of Economy Ali Tayyeb-Nia, senior managers of capital markets and representatives of capital markets of several countries also joined the course.

Iran is a country with Islamic financial market, in practice, Iran has implemented models of Islamic financing based on rules of Islamic Sharia whose experiences can be used for global economy, he said.

Islamic-based finance is the base of finance for other countries, and its capacity needs to be identified, he said.

Fetanat reiterated that Islamic financial markets are of higher stability and transparency.

G20 has now recognized Islamic financial market, and the meeting is expected to make other countries more familiar with capital market of Islamic Republic of Iran.

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