Tehran (ISNA) – During the Trump’s administration’s maximum pressure campaign, Swiss humanitarian trade arrangement channel was established to facilitate legal trades with Iran. For discussing SHTA current situation and further details, we’d asked Antje Beartschi for a commentary.

Antje Beartschi is head of communications in Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Asking about whether there have been any talks with the new U.S treasury team about SHTA, Beartschi said, “The competent Swiss Authorities are regularly in contact with the U.S. Treasury Department.”

Can the companies still use this channel to do permitted trades with Iran? If yes, what are the general terms to be eligible to use this channel?

According to Beartschi, The SHTA is functioning and progressing. Companies based in Switzerland (headquarters or a subsidiary) that supply agricultural commodities, food, medicines or medical devices to Iran are eligible for participation in the SHTA.

“Furthermore, interested companies must provide information about their business activities and their business partners in Iran to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).”

As buying Corona vaccine is a major concern for the Iranian people, Is it possible to buy vaccines through this channel or is there any plan to make it possible in the future?

“If such a need exists in connection with COVID-19, Swiss exporters can conduct these transactions through the SHTA” Beartschi said.

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